donderdag 10 mei 2012

Would like to know Why?

I had some sad news this week.
To me it was I big disillusionment.
Little Claire put me out of their Design Team.
With the weak reason that their team was to big...
I think you need the consider that before you let people start.
I'm also very desipointed because I couldn't prove myself to it.  They didn't send me any goods to work with from them ( as all the other members got...), but I was ready for it, bought a lot off their stamps to create the things they asked.
Not fair, but that's life, I think.

I'll hope I can keep in thouch with the lovely creating ladies who helped me now and then.
It was to short for me!

I'll hope an other DT will bring me on board, would love it.

Below I'm showing two project off my 2 oldest girls

bye bye

Lotte's (5years) card for her "boyfriend" lol

Eline's (9years) card

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